Super Speciality Hospital Bhaderwah

This is the tale of the Super Speciality Hospital Bhaderwah which was built at a cost of 35 crore, but does not have an  ECG facility. My father who was suffering from chest pain breathed his last in this hospital as he could not get the ECG machine for 40 minutes. He kept on pleading for Oxygen which was not supplied to him by the insensitive staff. While my father was struggling for survival, my mother watched this horrible scene helplessly.
This hospital has been built at a place which remain inaccessible to patients. Those who are admitted here have to bear huge expenses. It involves expenditure on autos who charge a hefty amount on such occasions.
The people of the Bhaderwah town have been fighting for the last two years to restore all facilities in old hospital. The hospital is within town limits and has easy access. The hospital needs to be made operational so that no one loses life in a manner as did my father.
Yours etc….
Anmol Gupta


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