Sumbal bridge over River Jehlum

Even after a period of five long years , the authorities appear to be unconcerned about the problems faced by the residents of Sumbal in North Kashmir and the connectivity of more than a dozen of villages is affected. The hardships of the residents especially in cases of the last rites of burial etcof the dead in the graveyard on the other side , are compounded in the absence of the bridge. The residents complain that they have to carry the coffins on the shoulders and then in boats. The students too suffer as they have to tread, long distances to reach the other side and hardships during inclement weather are too many.
The residents are witness to the laying of the foundation stone of the bridge estimated cost of which was put around over Rs. 4 crores only in early 2014 and nothing concrete thereafter. Excepting some elementary work having been undertaken by R&B Department , the same was left never to attend again due to the usual problem of non -availability of funds which in most of such cases, are never arranged or budgeted for prior to start of work .It is not that the residents have not approached the concerned authorities but the problem continues to remain unresolved. Of late, the Government has identified this project as “languishing project” and perhaps the work could be expected to be restarted which should be ensured at the earliest.