Subsidised Rooftop Solar Power

Our present GoI has clear cut vision about power requirements of India, solar and nuclear energy being prime focus area. World’s largest 7.5 Gigawatt Solar Power Park in Ladakh is a testimony how focused is the present Government’s approach to get carbon emission free power. It is a fact that despite huge hydroelectric potential of Jammu and Kashmir which can provide solution to national power crisis yet Jammu and Kashmir is itself facing acute power shortage due to wrong policies of previous Governments. Climatically also both Kashmir and Jammu Division are far apart, one facing acute power crisis in winter and other region in summer. Factually both regions suffer unscheduled power cuts due to seasonal peak utilastion throughout the year. Ministry of Renewable Energy has sanctioned special grant for Jammu and Kashmir for Rooftop Solar Power Plants on net metering basis which means that customer can sell the additional unused electricity to the grid. Though number of households and commercial units are already using Rooftop Solar Power Plants yet this net metering facility was not available. Twenty five percent subsidy is enough incentive for customers and five year free maintenance is additional bonus. One year is the target time to produce 20MW electricity in this way. All these sincere efforts of GoI and LG Administration are much acknowledged. Making it mandatory for all Government buildings, especially essential services and VIP areas like hospitals, Jal Shakti pumping stations, ministerial bungalows, to have Rooftop Solar Power Plant will be another milestone towards self reliance in electricity, specifically Jammu Division with all weather sun availability. Administration has taken right first step in this direction and public will be immensely benefitted by this opportunity of life time. Innovations and course corrections are key for all Governments plans for future. Electricity crisis is one of them and this timely action will of course pave the way forward to electricity woes. It’s a win-win timely scheme for all.