Stop overcharging at TRC ticket counters

It is both illegal and unwarranted from all angles to overcharge intending travellers for travelling to different destinations in the country, at Tourist Reception Centre (TRC) Srinagar by the administration. It is reported that tickets are sold at Rs.300 to Rs.400 costlier which amounts to nothing less than exploiting the current situation which is of purely a temporary nature.
People reach the counters well in time, stand up in queues and instead of making the process of ticketing smooth and hassles free, overcharging is resorted to. While we appreciate that nearly over 8000 tickets have been sold to intending travellers during the last week alone, keeping unnecessary margin over the actual cost of such tickets is at the same time not appreciated. We urge the authorities to keep a nominal charges, if at all required, to meet the elementary cost of management of such ticketing counters but never as much as reported. We feel that the authorities should look into it and put a notice near the counters about rescinding of the extra charges or levying absolutely nominal charges.