Staying Heart Smart Jammu man hale and hearty 20 years after Heart Surgery

Excelsior correspondent
Mr Vijay Abrol 70 y M – a businessman from Jammu had a major heart problem exactly 20 yrs back when he was just 50 years old. He was rushed to Dr Harinder Singh Bedi – Chairman of Cardio-Vascular Surgery at Ludhiana Mediways Hospital . On investigation and angiography severe heart disease was found . Dr Bedi realised that without surgery Mr Abrol may not live very long as he was having a continuous heart attack. A complex quadruple (ie 4 grafts) bypass surgery was then performed on Mr Abrol. Dr Bedi explained that usually only 2-3 grafts are required but the disease was so severe that 4 grafts were needed to get the heart to beat normally .
By God’s grace Mr Abrol recovered well. Dr Bedi met him someday back in Jammu where he (Dr Bedi) had come as Faculty at the National Vascular Society of India conference . Dr Bedi was very happy with Mr Abrol’s progress.
Mr Vijay Abrol thanked the Almighty . He said that he had been given a second chance in life . In the 20 years of life given to him by God he had managed to complete his responsibilities to his family and to society . He is very active and well known in Jammu and wants to give back to Society by doing more social work. Twirling his well kept moustache – he said that he still felt young at heart and it was mainly due to the excellent surgery done on him 20 years back.
Dr Bedi said that timely well conducted bypass surgery is a life saver. Dr Bedi is a pioneer in beating heart surgery and in the use of arterial grafts for surgery. In conventional surgery the heart is stopped and the delicate bypass done on a still heart . The patient is supported on a sophisticated and expensive heart lung machine. After the bypass the patient’s heart is allowed to take on the load of the body again. This use of an artificial heart lung machine can have major complications and need for blood transfusions. In beating heart surgery various methods are used to do the grafting without stopping the heart. This has obvious advantages of no damage to the brain and kidneys and the much less need for blood. Dr Bedi is one of the pioneers in the beating heart technique which he perfected 20 years back and which is now being used along with other modifications in most cardiac centres all over the world .Also with arterial grafts the need for a second procedure later on is much reduced .Dr Bedi has his name in the Limca Book of World Records for both these innovations.
Dr Bedi also stressed on the importance of a simple vegetarian diet and the total avoidance of smoking and some daily exercise .
He stated that a bypass or stenting was not a certificate for a return to unhealthy lifestyles but was a gift from God and a warning to mend our ways to stay fit and healthy. These lifestyle changes are equally good to maintain a good non cardiac vascular health also. All Vascular Institutes including the Vascular Society of India – of which Dr Bedi is a senior member – strongly advocate a simple diet, avoidance of tobacco, maintain ideal body weight, blood pressure and sugar and a regular medical checkup.
Dr Bedi advocated the use of simple yoga techniques to help in staying Heart Smart. He said that hearts of the people of this lovely state should not just tick but should beat strongly.