Statehood ultimate solution: Harsh

NPP leaders Harsh Dev Singh and Balwant Singh Mankotia addressing press conference in Jammu on Wednesday.
NPP leaders Harsh Dev Singh and Balwant Singh Mankotia addressing press conference in Jammu on Wednesday.

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Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Feb 8: Alleging increase in bias and discrimination against Jammu region during the present regime, JKNPP chairman and former minister Harsh Dev Singh today observed that  re-organisation of  the State with statehood for Jammu was the only solution for ills afflicting the region.
Talking to media persons in presence of  State president BS Mankotia, Harsh Dev said that history bore testimony to the fact that Jammu region had all along remained neglected in various spheres including employment, development etc with Kashmir region holding majority not only in legislature but occupying the highest office of Chief Minister since the formation of the State with a few exceptions. He said that most distressing was the fact that incumbent saffron flavoured Govt gave persistent shocks to Jammuites by their ignominious surrenders on all Jammu related issues under the smoke screen of national interest. And all this notwithstanding the fact that BJP had proclaimed themselves as champions of Jammu cause.
Pointing towards the glaring instances of Jammu’s neglect and deprivation, Singh reminisced that civil society had to agitate for months together to get back the prestigious AIIMS project which was shifted to Kashmir despite its original sanction for Jammu. He said that prior to that, the people of Jammu had to take to agitationl course for establishment of Central University at Jammu. He said only recently Metro Rail project with three corridors has been sanctioned for Srinagar at a whopping cost of Rs 15,881 crore to the neglect of Jammu notwithstanding the fact that Jammu is more vulnerable from traffic point of view with almost half the population of  Srinagar migrating to Jammu in winters.
He said that Jammu’s sentiment has again been hurt by denying State Subject rights to West Pak Refugees and contrarily providing all facilities to illegal immigrants from Burma and Bangladesh and settling them in Jammu to the utter chagrin and disenchantment of Jammuites at the cost of their security.
Describing the bias against Jammu region in the field of employment as most obnoxious, Singh urged upon the people of Jammu especially the youth to unite for a decisive battle so as to safeguard the progeny, the future generations.  He regretted that while the Kashmir region walked away with a lion’s share, the BJP was left flaunting a consolation prize.
Singh claimed in the select list of Constable operators published a couple of days ago, it has been found that out of 642 candidates selected in the General category from the entire State, only 103 candidates comprising of just 16% were selected from Jammu region. Likewise, 10,000 posts of SPOs sanctioned by the Govt of India for J&K earlier were out rightly assigned to various districts of Kashmir region with full consent of BJP.  He also mentioned about over 75 % posts of doctors provided to the Kashmir candidates in the list released recently.