SRTC buses in hilly districts

We helplessly watch overloading in passenger vehicles as one of the main reasons of road accidents claiming precious lives and causing grievous injuries to many . We also know that one of the reasons of this havoc especially in hilly districts is less number of buses and with irregular frequency plying on its roads. The State Government which controls State Roads Transport Corporation (SRTC) operates only 10 buses in hilly and accident prone districts of Doda, Kishtwar and Ramban in Jammu region.
Controlling and preventing effectively overloading, speeding, verifying fitness of buses and of other passenger vehicles being other causes of accidents while concerned authorities of MVD , Traffic and Police are, in most of the cases, found shirking their duties in this regard. However, a lot of improvement in the scenario could take place by introducing frequent facilities of transport by adding more SRTC buses on those routes which had more passenger turnout on the roads in the hilly districts with emphasis on accident prone areas. In the year 2010, as many as 34 SRTC buses were provided to these districts as against only 10 at present forcing people to risk their lives by using limited number of vehicles which are otherwise packed to capacity and overcrowded. Putting in a few more buses into operation on the critical routes would be one of the major steps taken by the Government in fighting the menace of overcrowding in buses and preventing accidents.