SRO-202 must be withdrawn

This is in response to repeated news items appearing in this paper regarding the Government employees of J&K UT coming on roads, meeting Union Ministers during their recent visits to the State, meeting Advisors of UT for revocation of the controversial SRO-202 issued by the erstwhile State Government when Mufti Mohammad Syed was the Chief Minister in 2015. The cruel SRO entails that the employees appointed henceforth shall be paid basic of the Pay Scale of the post, to which appointed, for a period of five years. The draconian order also envisages that the employees thus recruited shall not be paid Dearness Allowance, HRA, CCA, Medical Allowance or annual increments for five long years. The cruel SRO was issued by the State Government in the wake of financial crunch prevailing in the State at that time. The SRO violates the basic tenets of fundamental rights of equal pay for equal work. Since the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir has now become a Union Territory and is directly ruled by the Centre, such cruel, harsh and violative orders do not find any place under the existing civil services regulations of the Centre and hence should be withdrawn immediately without further delay. As assured by the Central Government in numerous promises that the employees of the newly carved Union Territories of Jammu & Kashmir as well as Ladakh, a variety of service benefits shall be extended. The Government has extended some benefits to its employees, but this malicious blot continues to baffle the employees since the Government has not revoked the atrocious SRO despite assurances being given to the employees at all levels. Moreover, the Central Government cannot rely on the alibi of a financial crunch to justify the wrong doings of the erstwhile State government. As such, Lieutenant Governor of J&K UT should revoke SRO-202 without further delay for the benefit of a large number of employees and their dependent family members. This will be a step forward in rolling out a confidence building measure consequent upon transforming from the statehood to Union Territory of India as publicized by Modi government in many of the speeches of our admirable Prime Minister as well as proactive Home minister. Le the draconian SRO-202 be scrapped ensuring that all employees are paid equally for equal work respecting our constitutional guarantees.
Dr. V. S. Verma
Roop Nagar Enclave-B, Jammu