Sri Lanka rattled by terror attacks

The scourge of terrorism has the most despicable and ugliest face of the element of surprise, besides satanic and cannibalistic ambitions of seeing more and more blood of innocents spilled on the ground. What happened in Mumbai in 2008 for full three days should have shaken the entire international community to join together to wage a decisive war against terrorism and against those who encouraged, pampered, funded, armed and supported terror and terrorism. Had that situation taken place, perhaps what happened in our immediate neighbourhood on this Sunday in Sri Lanka would have not happened at all. As many as 215 people are reported to have been killed as per the latest figures available at the time of going to the press and around 500 injured in the worst ever terror attacks in this island nation after more than a decade of peace following the LTTE terrorist outfit including its leader fully eliminated. After that, we saw a complete end to the long drawn civil war there.
Eight powerful blasts taking place almost simultaneously mostly in churches where mingled parts of human bodies and spilled pools of blood wore a ghastly scene must shock even the most heartless and the cruel living on the surface of this earth. Such a dastardly terror attack could have not been possible in the absence of a proper planning and executing of the plan of bloodbath . Revival of the LTTE or any domestic grown terror outfit especially in the light of the chosen targets could be safely overruled and pointing suspecting fingers elsewhere could only be the possibility, the mist about which at the moment could be over only by a specific outfit in isolation or more outfits in combination claiming responsibility or the findings of an enquiry conducted by the professional personnel. Easter Sunday had drawn more devotees to the churches never ever knowing that scores of them would lose their lives.
India reeling under the menace and the pestilence of Pakistan sponsored terrorism for the last four decades can fully share and realise the levels of grief, sorrow and indignation of the Sri Lankan people and that is why PM Modi held telephonic talks with the Sri Lankan President and the Prime Minister conveying India’s strong condemnation of senseless terror attacks and conveying solidarity with the island nation. Countries across the globe too have strongly condemned the terror attacks in Sri Lanka. Let them all join together to wage a decisive war, now against terrorism to pre-empt similar attacks elsewhere in future.
Evacuee Property rules blatantly disregarded
The Jammu and Kashmir Custodian General, otherwise entrusted with the duty to administer, preserve, manage, safeguard, secure the evacuee property and judiciously allot such property with full regard to the existing rules and regulations, has unfortunately been found flouting such rules with impunity. Either lease period is extended unjustifiably or a lessee is even allowed to hold multiple properties which the norms allow, not even in the least.
How can an allot-tee holding a property under the evacuee provisions in one capital city of the state be allotted another property in the other one and the property being substantial comprising four shops and being allowed to erect divider walls in flagrant violations of the existing rules as also the agreement entered into between the lessor and the lessee. Not only this, prime evacuee property located at Vir Marg, Residency Road Jammu was manipulated for the same person even after manipulating “throwing out” tactics of the occupants at the behest of the Custodian Jammu. A high level inquiry must be instituted against such doings in the Evacuee Department and similar other cases traced out and action taken against such violations done knowingly for illegal “considerations”. There must be a regular audit and inspection system introduced in the department to ensure allotments and granting of leases being in accordance with the rules and the procedures. In the meantime, the lease in the instant case should be cancelled forthwith and the property evicted at an early date.