Soz deplores MEA for sending back Pak students

Excelsior Correspondent

SRINAGAR, May 6: Former Union Minister and Veteran Congress leader Saif-ud-Din Soz has deplored the act of Ministry of External Affairs to send back 50 Pak students, visiting India.
In a press statement here, prof Soz said,  “ I am an incorrigible optimist and always carry a feeling in my mind that sooner or later, India and Pakistan leadership will accept the eternal reality that since neighbourhood can’t be changed the two countries have to remain together in cordial relations,” he added.
“I always look-out for an opportunity that can promote peace and friendship between the two countries. It is why, I expressed hope recently on National Security Advisor of Pakistan Nasser Janjua’s statement that ‘Pakistan and India cannot remain enemies forever and they must engage with each other and resolve disputes,” Soz maintained.
“ Against this background, I deplore the MEA’s recent action of sending back 50 students to Pakistan who had been sponsored by Lahore Grammar School for its counterpart in India for an exchange of thoughts and promotion of good will. If it has been done at the behest of PMO, it is much more deplorable,” he said.
Soz further said, “In my opinion, it doesn’t behoove a country of India’s size and stature to retaliate this way against any unacceptable action by Pakistan. Whatever the provocation, the civilized world is expecting India to remain strongly weeded to the basic principles of civility.”


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