Sordid Story of Migration

Name of Book The Jehlum Boys
Writer Prashant PN Pandita
Publisher Highbrow Scribes Publications,
Rohini, New Delhi
Year of publication 2022
This 336-pages book in English entitled ‘The Jehlum Boys’ by Prashant P N Pandita is a sordid story of the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits from the Valley during 1990. The base line of the narration is that two boys of two commuintes together in a school, got into different moulds: one -turned to terrorism and the other remained in liberal outlook with patriotic fervour. The book is focused on the life of these two boys of the Jehlum valley . i.e Kashmir ,who because of their upbringing and influence of their society got different outlook and behavior.
Prashant P N Pandita is originally a native of Srinagar who was serving the society in his own way and had to migrate during 1990 turmoil that erupted in Kashmir. The story of death and destruction swayed the entire Jammu and Kashmir State and uprooted Kashmiri Pandit community, who were in a tiny minority, left their own hearth and homes for different parts of the country . Their tale of sufferings were caused mainly by our immediate neighbour ( Pakistan) which armed, aided and ignited the fire of terrorism with nefarious designs to grab the Kashmir valley by hook or crook by instigating religious fundamentalism and terrorism.
The book: ” The Jehlum Boys ” contains 45 chapters highlighting the various aspects of migration, its cause factors , hard struggle for survival and re- emergence to gain glory of life . After the migration this community, which is educated, awakened and well-organised have been asserting themselves and adjusting to the situation by seizing opportunities for better life. It is noted feature that Kasmiri Pandits have quality of adjustment and accommodation by making the best out of the prevailing situation to march ahead.
Sufferings Unending
A single night of frenzy changes the destinies of two friends, . Nishant and Mudassir forever. While Nishant lands in a camp in Jammu, Mudassir ends up devastated on his friends’ forced exit.
Fighting against his doom, Nishant comes out of his misery and reaches the US while Mudssir’s tryst with the circumstances in Kashmir lands him in Pakistan.
The author Prashant was born in Kashmir and spent the first eighteen impressionable years of his life in Srinagar before biding a reluctant adieu to the place. An engineer by qualification, he calls himself an accidental writer struck in the corporate world to cater to his worldly needs.
A number of books have been written by Kashmiri migrant writers about their being driven out of their homes in the Kashmir valley and lot of sufferings as also pangs of home sickness and also memories of their proud cultural heritage and beautiful vale of Kashmir.
The language used by Prashant P N Pandita is very simple, lucid and impressive and readers would invariably find it full of suspense and informative narration. This book makes an absorbing reading.