Solemnity towards religious tourism

Whether it is Shiv Khori cave shrine, Mata Sukrala Shrine, Mata Bala Sundri Shrine or other such shrines, there seems to be a combined uncaring and callous attitude on the part of the Government as well as the concerned Shrine Boards towards taking decisions in respect of infrastructural development of the areas concerned as also about the shrines. This results in not only denying the basic reasonable facilities to the devotees and pilgrims but also has a telling effect on the prospects of the inflow of tourists who intend to visit such shrines. In these lines we  share the feelings of the people over a visibly no action even at the end of the five year period in respect of improving facilities at the twin shrines of Mata Sukrala and Mata Bala Sundri after the constitution of the Shrine Board of these shrines in 2013 with due approval of the State Legislature just on the pattern of Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board.
Constitution of the Board was in consonance with the persistent demand from the people in the hope of streamlining the betterment of the infrastructural development and other facilities that these shrines needed but their hopes seem to have been reduced to the axiom of ‘hope against  hope’. The apathy of the Government is vivid by another measure of indifference towards the need to bring an end to spate of litigations pending in various courts regarding host of issues including the one in respect of the rights of the Baridars. These litigations are casting their shadows even on the end use of the offerings of cash and otherwise received from the pilgrims as they  cannot be utilized for any of the developmental activities.
Development works initiated so far by the Board are just for the name sake, like installations of few CCTVs and some public utilities. The Board, it seems, is least interested as  how to cater to the needs of the number of pilgrims increasing month after month, year after year who  are thus left to fend for themselves. It is wondered as to what purpose does the Board serve like this although much hope was attached with its constitution.  Boarding and lodging facilities are basic and unavoidable in any circumstances but strangely in the matter under reference, there are no such facilities made available, even for the name sake. The environment, neat, tidy and green near the shrines too remains to be much desired.
For every developmental activities, the accepted pre requisites are preparation of road map, planning and having holistic approach with a vision in order to ensure the desired results fructifying into reaching to or fulfilling the desired ambition, in the instant case the facilities to the pilgrims and development of the area, but the Shrine Board has failed to register its initiative even in this cardinal activity too. It has resulted in the absence of any coordinated or individual efforts by the PHE, PDD and R&B  in providing basic amenities to the pilgrims . This , by any means whatsoever, cannot be accepted.
How can it be accounted for that consecutively for two years 2016 and 2017, the then Dy Chief Minister despite chairing the Board meetings and directing officers of all concerned departments to “move” and conduct “frequent visits” to the shrine with intent to improve the infrastructural scenario, topping all to provide facilities to the pilgrims,  have remained on papers only. Could the Government take a call and find out the reasons of that while simultaneously try to break the languorous cycle of inaction?