Snakebite cases

What can be more distressing to die an untimely death due to snakebites when the Govt claims to have made all provisions to provide better medical facilities. The concerns over poor medical treatment in almost all hospitals to deal the cases of snakebite, as expressed by O P Sharma of Bangnoti, through his letter dated DE Aug 13, are genuine and deserve prompt action to constitute the teams of doctors and paramedical staff, fully trained on the subject (snakebite) with a missionary zeal to save all those lives who fall victim of snake-bites. Only exceptional cases, referred to Jammu, come back alive as the span of time and distance involved do not allow them to escape deaths.
Actually already our hospitals suffer due to shortage of doctors and in such eventualities, only option remains is to refer the cases without any trouble and management. Therefore, every endeavour to avoid such untimely deaths which can be possibly minimised, can’t be exaggerated. As health of citizens should be the primary priority of the Government, all efforts in this direction deserve keen attention by the department concerned.
Keshwa Nand Sharma
Salehri (Sunder Bani)