Devasthan Purmandal

This has a reference to the letter titled “Devasthan Purmandal” DE Aug 23, 2018. The author has rightly highlighted the religious and historic importance of one of the most sacred “Tirtha” of Jammu called Purmandal. It is said that Purmandal is the seat of Lord Shiva like Kashi Vishwa Nath Ji. The idea was to undertake construction of temples and hawelis on the pattern of Kashi Ji. During the period of Dogra Rulers this religious place flourished and its glory reached far and wide. There is urgent need for the renovation of historic hawelies of Raja Dhian Singh and Suchet Singh. It is sorry state of affairs that the Surinsar-Mansar Development Authority, who took charge of these hawelies did nothing on the ground and these heritage building have been left unattended to collapse. The Government should have paid special attention towards Purmandal-Utter Behni circuit which is directly connected with religious faith and sentiments of lakhs of people of this area. One is wonder struck to see the greatness of these long chain of temples spreading over large distance along the banks of Devika rivulet in an enchanted atmosphere with holy viberations welcoming the pilgrims. It is pertinent to mention that J&K Dharmarth Trust is managing the affairs of these temples, but due to scarcity of funds these large number of heritage buildings and temples cannot be renovated. The Government should sanction special grants for promotion and development of religious pilgrimage destinations like Purmandal, Utter Behni and Mantalai etc. The SMDA is answerable to the public for the poor show. Government of India and State Government should intervene to save these ancient religious sites which are linked with Religio-cultural heritage of Duggar Pardesh as Purmandal is an established destination for attainment of salvation at the end of journey of life.
Rajinder Chand Anthal
Anthal House