Smoking and drug addiction

Smoking is one of the deadly addictions that eat away our body like pests. We all know that a habit formed at a tender age cannot be given up easily. It is never good to indulge is any such habits. Smoking causes severe injuries to our body and mind. Too much of smoking poisons the blood and may cause cancer of lungs, mouth, throat, blood etc. It can cause so many other diseases also.
Drug addiction has become a burning problem of modern times. We all know that we use drugs when we are ill. But the abuse of drugs has become a world wide problem. Many adults and college students fall pray to this evil. The addicts become immoral and commit crimes. They lose their self control, will power and stamina. It has been noticed that when a youth is frustrated and confused, he takes the help of certain drugs.
Government is very much concerned about these two problems. Certain remedial steps have been taken by our Government to provide medical aid to addicts. But apart from the help from Government, individual efforts are required to save oneself from falling prey to any sort of addiction.
Sanjay Dhar
Laxmi Nagar, Sarwal, Jammu