SMART policing

When the country was facing intricate problems like terrorism, Maoism, insurgency and the like, no complacency could find any space in our vigil and care. Not only these problems, there were ones in disguised form , equally dangerous, and they were some intellectuals and ‘social activists’ championing the cause of the outlawed and even writing and speaking a lot for not only ‘protecting ‘ their human rights but were justifying violence to bring about changes. Vice President M.Venkaiah Naidu while addressing a gathering in connection with SMART policing rubbished such theories and instead advocated for ballot and not bullet.
No compromise , not even in the least, in respect of the safety and security of the country should be the guiding principle as terrorism faced by this country for four decades in a row was enemy of humanity which needed all concerted and focussed attention to fight to its finish. Vice President, while lauding the role of the Police force maintained that internal reforms within the force along with improving the ambiance in police stations were paramount. Agreeably, Police force needed to do much for being identified as complainant friendly. People should feel Police force as helping and friendly institution to serve them and fight crimes of sexual assault and crimes against women, in particular.