Small Wins A Reason to Celebrate

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Siddharth Mahajan

“The More You Praise and Celebrate Your Life’
The More There is in Life to Celebrate”
Beautifully quoted by Oprah Winfrey, the famous American Talk Show Host, actress and Philanthropist. Our brains are wired to respond to rewards. Celebrating the completion of small wins or accomplishments leads to the completion of larger goals. According to research by Teresa Amabile from Harvard Business School, people who tracked their small achievements every day enhanced their motivation. The simple practice of recording your progress helps you to appreciate your small wins which in turn boosts your sense of confidence and performance.
First, let’s establish what a small win is. Small wins are anything you accomplish that aligns your intentions and goals. They can be related to work, personal or professional challenges, habit changes, or finances. And more than often celebrating these small wins are required to boost our day to day life, which are otherwise filled with so many challenges.
We often travel too far, indulge ourselves too deeply in the quest to achieve our BIG Goal that we forget to cherish and celebrate small wins and accomplishments. Needless to say, a win is a win no matter how small, each and every win is a sign that we consistent, resolute and committed towards our goals. Rather celebrating small wins is critical to track our progress and achievements and it allows us to notice and pay attention to present moment. A moment which gives us a chance to cherish, to celebrate, to acclaim, what all we do.
On the contrary, big wins might be rear and often take long time to achieve, especially in the past two years there were hardly any for most of us. And this literally gives us a reason to value what ever we achieve even with greater excitement and enthusiasm. More than often we might not realize that for many of us big wins might not happen over a long-long time, all they have to celebrate is small wins.
From wedding to graduations to retirement parties, all these big celebrations call for a toast. Why not raise a glass to everyday exceptional moments. A win might differ from person to person, age to age, for a kindergarten kid learning two words a day is a win, adding to your savings , taking time to meet an old friend, any and all of this is a reason to celebrate.
Now is more important than ever to cherish small moments and take pride in the little wins that make everyday worthwhile. We all have the right and need to cherish and celebrate small success and wins for:
* Small wins give you a little bit of dopamine- a happy hormone and a feel good brain chemical linked to motivation. This may be good news for people who hold on to self-criticism for not achieving BIG.
* Small wins can turn into major victories. A series of small victories can produce visible results.
* The way we perceive and value our efforts, affects our day to day progress and growth.
* Making meaningful progress at home or work boosts emotions and positively boosts our day.
* Small wins provide opportunity for learning.
* It gives us quick feedback that we are getting through to our big goals.
* With all this mood upliftment and celebration we not only tend to feel happy and elated but it also encourages, stimulates and motivates us to do better.
We often miss to celebrate small wins and successes which apparently come with great benefits. Because, as humans we are we are built to naturally see the problems and easily punish ourselves for bad behaviours. And within all this more than often in our race to achieve big not only we feel discouraged but also make people around us feel under undue pressure.
e.g. there are parents who instead of celebrating their child’s win in any particular trait would want their child to excel each and every sphere of life, this not only builds unnecessary pressure on the child but also deprives the child of enjoying and cherishing that moment and eventually leads to demotivation and discouragement.
Be it home or work, success needs to be acknowledged, appreciated and celebrated. Especially at work places not acknowledging might not be taken in a positive stride further inhibiting and blocking the performance.
To bring out the best in yourself and the people around start acknowledging daily efforts and treat them as wins. A well appreciated mind is a charged mind and a charged mind is capable of achieving almost anything.
It’s often said, “if you don’t celebrate success, it won’t celebrate you”.
More you celebrate success, more you acknowledge and appreciate yourself, and more you do that happier you will be and more you will achieve.
(The author is Lifestyle Mentor)