Slum dwellers without food for last 2 days in Bari Brahmana

Slum dwellers of Kartholi Bari Brahmana waiting for help. -Excelsior/ Badyal
Slum dwellers of Kartholi Bari Brahmana waiting for help. -Excelsior/ Badyal

Excelsior Correspondent
SAMBA, Mar 30: In the wake of outbreak of Corona epidemic, the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi is continuously giving the assurance to the people that no one will go to bed without food, but on the other hand thousands of slum dwellers in J&K are facing starvation.
According to reports the slum dwellers in Kartholi area of Bari Brahmana are without food for days tighter. Likewise over two thousand slum dwellers in Channi and hundreds in Muthi area are having no food to eat while administration is in deep slumber.
This report today visited Kartholi area of Bari Brahhmana and talked to slum dwellers there who said that they are craving to get one time food, although some social NGOs and RSS volunteers are providing the ration to the needy people. They said that, for last two days they are continuously facing lot of trouble due to non availability of ration in their slums and their children are craving for food.
They said some social organizations came outside their slums and gave the food, although no any officer of the district administration came there to know about their condition. Not only this the price of the ration and vegetables has become too expensive, and they are unable to purchase the same.
Romesh Verma a labour who is living in Ward No 6 area of Kartholi Bari Brahmana said “Our children are without food and they are craving for same. When they went in Karyana shop to purchase food grains they could not afford as the price of flour has been hiked many fold,. When they asked shopkeeper about the reason, he said that ration is not coming from market and the price of the vegetables has also been hiked”. He appealed to the Prime Minister of India and Lieutenant Governor to listen the grievances of the poor people because there is nothing left to eat.
He also said that Prime Minister is speaking that the three months ration will be given to the poor people and no any poor will sleep without food but this statement is totally confined to announcement only.
He also requested to the Lieutenant Governor to provide a three months ration to them or send back to their villages.
A female from Sona, Maharashtra at present in Kartholi area of Bari Brahmana, said that due the outbreak of Corona Virus , they are without work and slept without food as the price of the vegetables is increasing day by day, She appealed to the district administration to provide ration to them so that they can feed their children. If the system remains same in the coming days they will die of hunger, she added.
Another female namely Rajni who is hailing from Madhya Pradesh at present living in Kartholi Bari Brahmana said that, they are without ration and their children are also facing lot of difficulties, if they want to purchase the ration from market they can’t afford as the prices of ration, vegetables and milk are increasing day by day.
“If the Government cannot provide the ration to us then they should send us back to our villages, so we will not die of starvation”, she added.