SKIMS to prolong duty shifts of its staffers

Irfan Tramboo
SRINAGAR, Aug 19: To minimize the movement of staff buses on roads, the SKIMS administration today directed for prolonged shifts for its staff following the disturbance which the staff experienced on way to the hospital today.
The hospital staff was not allowed to move towards the hospital after the protestors blocked the way, and at few points, reportedly stones were pelted on the buses, which resulted in the injury to two SKIMS staffers.
The officials told Excelsior that the staff buses were not being allowed to move out or towards the hospital, due to which the staff was experiencing trouble in their movement.
On Monday, the staff that was to be relieved on the morning after the culmination of their 24-hours shift was asked to stay put on their positions. “We have, as of now, told them to report back to their positions till the arrangements for their movement is done,” Medical Superintendent, SKIMS Dr Farooq Jan said.
The staff is now insisting the administration to make sure that they are ferried in the ambulances, following the incidents of stone pelting, but the administration said that it was not possible for them to ferry the staff like that. “There are almost 1100 staffers and it is indeed not possible for us to provide them with the ambulances, that way the patient care will also suffer,” he said.
Keeping the crisis in mind, the administration has decided to prolong the shifts of its staff in order to make sure that the staff does not experience any trouble.
“We will be going to prolonged shifts like, if somebody has a 24-hours shift, we will be making it to 48. This will pave a way for the less movement of the staff buses on the roads,” he said.
A staffer who is a nurse at SKIMS said that it was really frustrating that even after spending 24 hours on the duty, they were unable to go back home. “I am posted in the ICU, where you have to be extra cautious and active; at the end of the shift one is looking for having some rest, but we are not even able to go out,” she said.
Many on the staffers, after the buses were not provided to them, decided to walk home on their own, some preferred to stay with friends living in the hospital accommodations.
The SKIMS administration has asked people to facilitate free and smooth movement of the staff buses and the ambulances so that the patient care does not take a hit at the hospital. “We are appealing people to let the staff buses ply without any hindrance on the roads; as they are also serving people in the emergency,” Dr Jan said.