Six buffalos electrocuted in Kathua

Excelsior Correspondent
KATHUA, Aug 19: Six buffalos were electrocuted after they came into contact of a broken live wire from a pole at village Prithichack near here, late last night.
The heavy rainfall and broken of live electric wire from the pole claimed the lives of six buffaloes at village Prithichack, Kathua area during late last night.
The buffaloes, who were electrocuted belonged to Gujjars Roshan Din resident of village Prithichack in Kathua area. The incident took place during mid night when the six buffaloes were out side the house of Roshan Din and they came in the contact of live electric wire which has snapped from the electric pole and fell upon the sitting buffaloes.
As the family came to know about the mishap in the morning today they informed the Power Development Department which switched off power from main supply point.
The Gujjar family also had a narrow escape and in case they would have come out of the house during night hours in darkness, there would have been a big catastrophe. The affected family demanded the compensation for buffalos who died of electric shock as the family suffered loss in lakhs of rupees.