Sino Indian joint statement

If total disengagement of the armies of both the countries including weapons in Pangong area in Eastern Ladakh is assessed in totality, it focuses on two main points, one- that Indian consistent but resolute stand having borne fruits rather for the first time of such magnitude especially after a long over 9 months standoff and two- it paves the way for further disengagements and resolution of the residual issues along the LAC . It can , at the outset , confirm the efficacy and the ultimate mode and channel of settling disputes through bi-lateral talks no matter, if initially they appeared to bear no fruits on expected lines only on account of the rigid stand taken by China . One thing goes to the credit of both the countries, element of belligerence apart , that neither got weary of or lost hope in the outcome of the process of not keeping the channel of military level and diplomatic level talks continuing further . 10th round of military talks going on at a stretch for 16long hours starting in the morning and concluding in the dead of night the other day, other things apart, bear testimony to the fact that China got in adequate measure the unshakeable political will of India known that ”this time ”, it meant pure business that of no compromise on our territorial issues even to the extent of ”an inch” as repeatedly reiterated by the Prime Minister and the Defence Minister. Continuing with the process of dialogues, communications, dealing with situations on the LAC in a spirit that led to no friction or escalation and very importantly, follow the important consensus of their respective state leaders and the like was the crux of the 10th round of Corps Commander level talks . Cannot both the countries gain a lot if complete peace and tranquillity were maintained in the border areas which as a matter of principle and in the spirits of good neighbourliness, India has throughout been maintaining as its committed state policy towards strengthening peace and co-operation between the two neighbours ? The main focus besides these fundamental elements, in that spirit, was as to how the next phase of disengagement process in the friction points in three areas of eastern Ladakh could take place smoothly in the spirits of the broad priority of talks, ie; bringing down the tension in the region. If Pangong disengagement could be possible as we have seen , there appears no doubt whatsoever of utilising that spirit for ”resolution of other remaining issues along the LAC in the western sector.” India has made its stand clear that areas of tension like Hot Springs, Gogra and Depsang needed to be brought back to status quo ante by hastening the disengagement process. It needs to be recalled that the entire problem emanated on May 5, 2020 when border standoff erupted between the militaries of China and India in the Pangong Lake areas in Ladakh which did not get resolved instead both the countries came virtually into a severe conflicting positions by deploying thousands of soldiers and weapons in an eyeball to eyeball position but both the sides never let the channels of talks to get blocked the results of which could be found by the outcome of the 10th round of military level talks and issuing of the joint statement. Once the complete disengagement process was over about which now hopes are more than before, it can be presumed that normally China would refrain from making any further similar attempts in future to cause any untoward situation on the LAC which normally could bring about the two countries gradually together in an environ of mutual understanding and cooperation. At the same time, as experience relives India about the unpredictability of that country, we cannot afford to be complacent either in our meeting any fresh challenge on the LAC. Perhaps about India’s resolve and also preparedness to meet and face any eventuality is well known , now, to China.