Significance of Vikrami Samvat

Puran Chand Sharma
Just because of the hard fact that we have been ruled by Britishers after Mughls and many others, for two hundred years during which they very cleverly and clandestinely changed our cultural and educational system and the age old cultural traditions as well as the beliefs to delink us from our rich socio- cultural heritage. Interestingly they did not resort to any kind of forcible machinations but accomplished this significant feat by way of shrewd diplomacy and administrative skilfulness. They successfully overhauled the mental makeup of elite society and moulded them to follow their foot prints in all matters of Governance and also distorted our socio-cultural, religious faith, traditions and moral values. They did it on the basis of a study and findings of their versatile philosopher, Lord Maucalay ,who carried out exhaustive tour of our country, minutely and keenly observed the Indian way of life and returned the Judgement ” It is difficult to rule India, If at all India is to bruled, then their educational and cultural institutions need be destroyed.” British Parliament accepted the Macaulay Doctrine and implemented it in letter and spirit for ruling Bharat having the most ancient culture as well as history.
Now when the Nation is in buoyant mood and celebrating Amrit Mahotsav of freedom after 75 years of Independence, it is high time to restore our old glory and national prestige, Atleast our upcoming generations must be fully aware about the achievements of our ancestors who have done prolonged penance and painstaking research work to give their best to the world based on science and staying in harmony with the nature. However, due to colonial mindset and lack of awareness we did not replace British calendar with Indian calendar which is duly supported by scientific evidence and is in sync with the natural phenomena explored and observed by our spiritual scientists as per the calculation of vedic mathematics which is still relevant. This is most opportune time to educate our younger generation with regard to our vital achievements and pristine glory in the field of culture and science. We always lived in harmony with the nature and did not indulge in exploitation of her vast resources. We are proud to be the first Nation created by Brahma in his endeavour and adventure of creating the whole universe on chaitra shukal Pratipada which is also called as Varash Pratipada in Satyuga having a span of 17,28,000 years followed by Tretayuga famous for incarnation of Prabhu Shree Ram with a tenure of 12, 96,000 years. The coronation of Shree Ram happened on this auspicious occasion of Varash Pratipada e.i first day of the new year in Tretayuga. Then follows Duapuryuga whose age is 8,64,000 years. Obviously in the present times we are navigating through Kaliyuga which would last for 4,32,000 years and probably the world is passing through Infancy stage of Kaliyuga experiencing bizarre trials and tribulations.
There is no denying the fact that we remained under the yoke of foreign aggressors and invaders for a prolonged period of time and got Independence in the year 1947 after a massive struggle of all Indians who never looked back to make the supreme sacrifices for the national cause. Unfortunately we had to accept freedom at a huge price of partition on communal basis. This division was unnatural and unscientific. The country witnessed unprecedented communal violence. Another blunder on the part of dispensation of the times was not to enforce the complete transfer of population from both sides to their respective homelands. In fact that was the most opportune time to put in place the required changes and essential reforms in the British model of administration right from day one. Some kind of concrete pre-planning and futuristic outlook on the part of Leadership of the day could have worked wonders in all walks of national life by overhauling our colonial mindset. At this crucial juncture we are fully poised to take the quantum jump in understanding and implementing all those things which belong to us and qualitatively better than the things of foreign origin being based on logic, science and research. Our Panchhang is accurate to the dot based on vedic Mathematics which is unique and unfailing. Once a foreigner asked Mahamana Malviya ji, revered founder of Banaras Hindu University as to how to Hindus across the world get invitation to join the Kumbh Shnan or Mela in India. Malviya ji politely said, ” Do Aanne Ke Panchaang Se.”
As of now all religious and social events, inaugural functions , marriages, Bhoomi poojan , upvas Brat etc. excepting financial transactions are conducted in our country as per Vikrami Samvat which commences on Chaittar Shukal Pratipada every year, accordingly we are passing through first month of Vikrami Samvat 2080 which is 57 years ahead of Gregorian calendar (2023+57=2080). This Samvat was started by king Vikramaditya of Ujjain after annihilating Shakas from Indian soil and was bestowed the title Shakari which means eliminator of Shakas. Samvat is also called Panchaang e.i having five constituents :-1. Vaar(Days) 2. Tithi(Dates)3. Nakshatra(star) 4. Yog 5. Karan. Great Astronomer, Brahmihir was contemporary of king Vikramaditya, who diligently worked out the perfect Panchaang in those critical times. All Scientists do recognize and respect the veracity of our Panchaang or calendar. This is also the established and cogent evidence of our rich cultural heritage and legacy which makes us greatly proud in the comity of nations. We can understand this from statements of world famous geniuses who have spoken so high about our culture and Hinduism which is not a religion but a way of life:-
Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910), “Hinduism and Hindus will one day rule this world because it is a mixture of Knowledge and Wisdom.”
Michael Nostradamus (1503-1566) ” Hinduism will become the ruling religion of Europe. The famous metropolis of Europe is the Hindu capital”
The loud and clear message of Vikrami Samvat 2080 is to stay connected with our roots, imbibe inspiration and enthusiasm from the deeds and exploits of our great ancestors as the 21st century belongs to Bharat .