Sidhra bridge blast caused by grenade thrown by militants

Experts at the blast site near Sidhra bridge on Wednesday. -Excelsior/Rakesh
Experts at the blast site near Sidhra bridge on Wednesday. -Excelsior/Rakesh

Police exploring certain leads

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Dec 7: Yesterday’s blast near Sidhra bridge on outskirts of the City has turned out to be a grenade attack caused by the militants(s) which was apparently aimed at police naka party but the target was missed.

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Senior police officers, Forensic experts and Dog Squad visited the spot last night and this morning for investigations and collected splinters of the explosive device.
“Splinters of the grenade have been recovered from the spot and it was a confirmed terror attack,” police said, adding one or two militants are reported to have thrown the grenade targeting police party which remained deployed on one end of the bridge as part of permanent police naka.
The militant(s) were reported to have thrown the grenade from quite some distance. It was also darkness in the area and, a result of this, they were unable to hit the target.
The grenade fell on side of the bridge and exploded with a deafening sound causing a crater at the spot but there were no casualties.
Police have started investigations in the blast but no arrests have been made so far.
“It appeared that some Over Ground Workers (OGWs) of the militants threw the grenade. On some occasions, the militants from Kashmir send their OGWs to Jammu to carry out terror attack or pick up the drone-dropped consignments from the International Border and transport them to the Valley,” police sources said, adding some leads are being explored.
They said it was powerful grenade blast but, as the luck would have it, police party had narrow escape as it missed the target.
“Had the grenade hit target, it would have caused casualties,” they said.