Shrine of Baba Birham Shah

Rajinder Kumar Chadha

India is a scared land,has always been called a land of rishis, yogis and other spiritual soldiers of God who descended with the power of love , the power of wisdom and the power of spirituality to spread the spirit that burns all the darkness from lives. History is full of stories of such souls like Kabir, Guru Ravidass, Guru Nanak, Guru Gobind and many many more other spiritual leaders and guides. Baba Birham Shah ji was one of those great souls who lived for others and ascended in his astral form to the kingdom of heaven.
In the line of great saints seers and yogis, Baba Birham Shah ji still exists in the stars,moons in human souls to guide us and help us to lead a life of wisdom and spirituality. He adopted the path to reform and to perform like other great gurus , but he was a soul of exceptional divine harmony and love for mankind. He expressed pure love,pure feelings and pure God like vibrational force in all his places of worships in J&K, POK and India. People are still feeling and getting his love in such places for their emancipation and leading a blessed life.
Baba Birham Shah ji (Beeru) was born in a Hindu (Brahmin) Dutt parivar of Kelu Ram and Mata Sharda Deviat Kanjroor in Sialkot (Pakistan)on 02/05/1585.His childhood name was Beeru . Beeru lost both his parents at ealy age. At the time of his birth Indian society was caste ridden, torn with evil and had closed the eyes of wisdom. People were full of greed , hatred and did not see the light of truth. They were full of prejudice and blind faith. That was period of late fifteenth century, when great soul of Baba ji was directed by Almighty to this physical world to save people from evils like temptation, prejudice against each other, child marriage, evil customs and blind faiths. He taught that God is the only real possession,to achieve moksha.
Service to mankind was supreme to Babaji. He left his home at the age of twelve and started leading his life in temple as a pujari situated near Jhelum now in Pakistan. He devoted himself in the service of God and mankind. One of the stories of his service and sacrifice for others goes like this:
Once a rich person was on a journey to his home place with some utensils of ghee and luggage to carry. He was unable to carry all alone and sought service of Beeru to carry. Beeru agreed and carried luggage on his head. After walking some distance, the rich person looked behind and was astonished to see that Beeru was walking behind him but the luggage he carried was not on his head but in air moving along his moving head and body. On seeing this spiritual power , the rich man fell on his feet and requested for forgiveness.
During the same period while sixth Sikh Guru Hargobind Singh Ji was on way to J&K, he heard about the miracles of Beeru and in a visit to Damdama Sahib Gurudwara near Mirpur (Pok) met Beeru. To test his spirituality he asked for water for all his followers and horses accompanying him, as those days there was acute shortage of water. Beeru availed of the opportunity to serve the holy guru with water.Beeru served them water with a pitcher which after serving followers and horses never got emptied. On seeing this, supreme sikh guru who was greatly impressed by Beeru accepted him as his true disciple and presented him with a Saroopa/Pagri and gave him a new name from Beeru to Baba Birham Shah and blessed him with divine powers to spread the message of brotherhood and humanity.History depicts that Mughal empire did not express love sympathy and gratitude to the saints and seers of India. Baba Birham shah was also arrested like so many saints of land and put behind the jail. He was ordered to perform the task of grounding the flour in the jail. Jail authorities were astonished to see that grinding going of its own, while Baba Birham Shah himself was in a state of meditation.On seeing this miracle, the emperor set him free and begged to pardon.
Great souls like Birham Shah are born once in centuries. The Mughal king of Delhi was greatly impressed by the supreme spiritual intelligence of Birham Shah. He sent a courtier for calling Babaji to his kingdom. Babaji’s Spiritual kingdom was greater than his material kingdom. He said to courtier to go back.
“I shall visit the king soon on some day of my own choice.’’ Baba Birham Shah after some time rode on a wall(mud) and made it to run with full speed like a horse. This miracle of Godly power brought a good name and fame to Baba ji and mughal king granted ownership of a large piece of land as Jagir.
The famous shrine of saint Baba Birham Shah ji is situated on LOC at village Jhanghar tehsil Nowshera Distt Rajouri.
It is about 140KM from Jammu, situated in small hill surrounded by captivating scenery of fields, trees and flowers. As per records available with ASI Jammu,the erstwhile Maharaja of J&K his Amar Singh gave a huge chunk of land in form of zagirs to his holiness baba Birham Shah ji at various places of his worship in J&K including Jhanghar. Baba Birham Shah’s revered shrine exists on this very piece of land.People from all walks of life without any caste colour and creed visit the shrine through out the year to get the blessings . Every year on 17th of April , A bhandra is being held there in which thousands of devotees from all over India, including Jammu, Mendhar, Rajouri, Sunderbani, Haryana Ambala, Rajasthan pay their obeisance and seek blessings of Birham Shah ji. Devotees of Baba Ji have constructed a temple, two big halls 40×60 and a community kitchen and other civics amenities in Jhanghar. In spite of the fact that this Devsthan is situated at LOC, where enemy generally targets with bullets and mortars, no harm has ever been done to the shrine or the devotees.
The Devsthan is under direct control of ADC Nowshera and is being managed by a committeeof locals and devotees to look after its day to day proper functioning .Every Sunday and Sankriti a langar is be held for devotees .