SHEER’s Greeting 2017 released

Prof RD Sharma , VC JU and other dignitaries releasing SHEER's Greeting 2017 in Jammu.
Prof RD Sharma , VC JU and other dignitaries releasing SHEER's Greeting 2017 in Jammu.

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Dec 9: Prof RD Sharma, Vice Chancellor University of Jammu in a brief meeting in his office chamber released 2017 greetings titled “UNO urged to adopt Sheerism”, here.
This philosophy is conceived, developed and now projected before United Nations Organization by Dr. Kuldeep Singh HoD Botany, former NSS Program Officer GGM Science College Jammu and Founder President of Society Health Environment Education Research (SHEER).
This philosophy urges world leaders both political and religious to end all divides following the principles comprising the philosophy and whole heartedly involve in reversing the trends threatening the existence of life on this Earth planet.
Sheerism reveals practical and living values hidden under three components comprising the philosophy- the God, the Spiritualism and Constitution, said Dr. Singh.
According to this philosophy, God energy is universal in form of living (DNA coded in all life forms) and non-living components. Both forms of God Energy are intimately inter-connected and these complex interactions and recycling is the beauty of God’s designs. It is the hard Godly reality and now life on this planet is at the verge of extinctions, said Dr. Singh.
This philosophy advocates spiritualism as social, moral and living values which are enshrined well in Holy Scriptures. All Holy Scriptures are equally pious, said Dr. Singh.
Further, all these values are well coded in Constitution in form of Fundamental Rights and Duties. Constitution is the supreme and it needs worshipping, said Dr. Singh.
Sheerism also advocates linking the religious institutes with modern Science and Technological oriented Education or Health Care Systems transforming these Godly Houses for the services of people.
Sheerism also advocates a vision on NSS guidelines (Gandhi’s philosophy) in form of four components that need to be implemented as a course of study in graded form along with prescribed educational/professional courses transforming students the future leaders so as to end the leadership crisis, said Dr. Singh.
“The four components of this vision include promoting social/moral, environmental and constitutional health and freedom from enemies of humanity”
Prof. RD Sharma appreciated Dr Singh’s efforts for promoting values in the educational institutes.
Dr. Sharma agreed that educationists must review the thoughtful philosophy contained in the brochure exploring possibility of positive changes in education system. “In this endeavour the stake holders are the students, teachers, parents, societal constituents and the people living in vicinity of respective institutes,” said Prof. Sharma.
The dignitaries present on the occasion included Prof Aziz Chowan, Prof Fraz Chouhan, Dr Neeraj Sharma and Akhilesh Sharma.


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