Setting New Year Resolutions

Jagmohann Sharma
Another New Year is knocking at the door and people have already started preparations to welcome it. It is very obvious to do so because every new beginning whether it is a day, a year, a job, an endeavour or a project, it surely comes with many new hopes and expectations.

As New Year approaches almost all of us have some determination, some new ideas or hopes associated with it, which we intend to do, perform or follow and we call them as resolutions, more specifically, new year resolutions. However it is not as simple as it seems to be in deciding our new-year resolution. When we talk about new- year resolutions that people select, the popular among them are losing weight, getting up early in the morning, routine physical exercise, quitting smoking or any other bad habit one can have. Do you know that more than half of the resolutions people make fail to take off or materialise in due course of time.Only a smaller group of people successfully achieve their goals.
Many of us even don’t know what new-year resolutions to make and just keep thinking and unable to finalise. So herewith let me help you decide the most appropriate new-year resolution for you. Before you plan or finalize this New Year Resolution, you have to keep few things in mind.
Don’t copy anybody
This is the foremost tip for deciding your resolution. When we copy others then our resolution cannot be ours. It may not subsequently be fruitful for us because it was not based on our own requirements, desires and intentions too.
Be specific
While deciding a resolution one should be very specific. It is more important to set a concrete goal rather than just vaguely say I want to do this or that, here or there, this way or that way. For example if you want to lose weight your resolution should be like losing 5 kg in 2 months, having not more than 2 spoons of sugar a day, or something that can be put to specifics.
Keep implementation in mind
The goal set by you should be such that it can be measured or reinforced over a span of time. Let us say you want to change your habit of spending excessive time on mobile or social media. This is the most common problem encountered by us these days. Also it can be a small habit of biting nails, digging nose or any other thing which you think is not good and should bid adieu to it. Note down the duration or frequency of its occurrence and have it curtailed gradually over a period of time.
Don’t go for impractical goals
Taking a big step too fast can leave us in frustration. A spendthrift person wishing to save money sets the target of saving 20K out of his total income of 30K or 40K shall certainly not only land in a state of frustration but will also affect the other aspects of his life. So it is advisable not to make any resolution that is not practically achievable or implementable. Thinking Big is not wrong at all but craving for impossible is just making a fool of yourself.
See the relevance
Before setting a new-year resolution, we must think over if the set goal really matters to us and we are adopting it for the right reasons. If it is not so for sure it will not last long enough because such a resolution can be an outcome of self- hate or remorse for a momentary strong passion. But on the other hand if it really has some relevance and you build up a process where you are thinking harder about what is good for you, it will usher in a positive change in your life.
Set time targets: There should be a specific defined timeline towards reaching your goal and that too a realistic one. It should give you enough time to do it with lots of smaller intermediate goals set up along the way. If it subsequently becomes your habit, it will be your routine not only for days or months but also for years and decades.
While working on a new- year resolution you should not expect a complete turnaround on the very first day. You must have heard that “Old habits die hard”. In case you wish to forego a habit of yours that you are fed up of, you need to work upon it. Also you need to keep in consideration few more things to become a part of that group of people who successfully achieved their goals with sincerity.
*Set a goal with full determination.
* Map out your plan.
* Visualise and reflect.
* Take action every day.
* Plan and prepare for setbacks also.
* Evaluate your progress at regular intervals.
Only then we can put ourselves up to the mark. Last but not the least whatever we plan, resolve or decide to do in the coming year, it should have a humane touch and approach. May be it is giving a compliment to appreciate a person, help the needy, shunning the habit of useless gossips and backbiting without reason, raising funds for charity or other random acts of kindness. During last two years COVID-19 has shown us that only if we work as a society, and care for each other, only then we can emerge out of any problem howsoever complex it may be. Let’s resolve not to allow the Human in us to die.