Serial Entrepreneur William Wang collaborates with Arounen Murdhen to promote crypto literacy.

Well-endowed with resources, serial entrepreneur William Wang is on a mission to change the world. For the young entrepreneur, change starts with education. Having seen the potential of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies since the early stages of the technology, William is convinced that blockchain technology will revolutionize the world.

The world is experiencing an increasing amount of blockchain based transactions than there have ever been before. Brands are tapping into the potential of NFTs. For those who have missed the internet revolution, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are chances to tap into the riches of the world. It is a golden opportunity to have a foot in the market and monetize the potential of this marvelous technology. With the numerous choices and opportunities available in the blockchain space, William has co-founded two news outlets and published a book in collaboration with Arounen Murdhen in order bring up-to-minute information about the blockchain industry to people around the world. They are using their knowledge and fortune to create a better world.

William and Arounen have co-founded 2 news outlets – and Laying emphasis on bringing real news and phasing out sensationalism, these 2 crypto news websites focus on bringing up to the minute news about the cryptocurrency industry. The team at forks daily and coinmicroscope comprises of highly driven individuals and writers who make it their duty to craft easy to read and authentic articles for their readers. In an interview with the staff working for the news outlets, some members have shared that as content creators they have a duty to bring the most authentic and unbiased news to readers so that they can stay up to date and be educated about the latest trends. “This is something that many crypto news outlets are not doing lately. They are focusing on the latest sensations and omitting the core of the technologies” shared one of the senior content writer at forksdaily. For William, these news outlets are the first step towards bringing a positive change to the world. These outlets are free to use by anyone.

As part of their journey to promote crypto literacy, William and Arounen have recently launched their crypto guide – ‘Crypto for Dummies’ in order to help individuals discover the world of web 3.0. In the book, the authors deep dives into the core of the technologies while using an easy to understand linguo and that resonates with all. This book decodes the world of web 3.0 and prepares individuals to tap into opportunities that blockchain technology brings along. Now available on Amazon, ‘Crypto For Dummies’ is an opportunity for those who missed out on the internet revolution to gather the necessary knowledge to tap into the riches that blockchain technology will create. ‘Crypto for dummies’ is a book that has been conceptualized and written for anyone who wants to grow and embrace the benefits that web 3.0 technology can offer.

Blockchain technology is here to stay. While many are focused on sensationalism to reap quick short term profits, entrepreneur William Wang is a firm believer of the long term value that this technology will add to our everyday lives. He encourages fellow crypto enthusiasts to reach out and collaborate so that there can be an educated adoption of blockchain technology around the world.