Senior journalist arrested in midnight raid in Kashmir


Srinagar : In a mid night raid at his house a senior journalist and owner of a local newspaper was arrested by Jammu and Kashmir Police last night.

Ghulam Jeelani Qadri, 62, Printer and Publisher of Daily Aafaq, Urdu daily newspaper was arrested from his residence in Srinagar last night.

A senior Police officer said that he was arrested in a case registered against him in early 1990s.When asked why was he arrested at mid night raid, he said: “Police was busy during the day.” He said he will be produced before the Court tomorrow.

As Qadri reached home last night at around 11:30 p.m. from his office, Police knocked at the door and took him away to nearby Police Station.

Police told the family that he was arrested in 1992 case registered against him and eight other journalists when he was running now defunct local news agency JAK (Jammu and Kashmir) News. He has been shown absconding since then in the case. Three of the journalists against whom case has been registered have passed away.