Seek permission before leaving Hqrs

It is a welcome but belatedly taken decision, though already a part of relevant service rules and guidelines of the State, that leaving Headquarters without seeking prior permission would be treated unauthorized.
A circular issued by the General Administration Department clearly states that all the Administrative Secretaries, Divisional Commissioners, Heads of Departments and Deputy Commissioners should not leave their Headquarters without the prior permission of the competent authority.
Alibis created and grounds made to leave through other exit namely official travels too have been brought under checks and balances system in that two days in advance permission must be sought from the Chief Secretary, as per the circular. This is otherwise mandated in the service rules that no Government official can leave his or her Headquarters except with proper permission from the competent authority. This was going to further cultivate a sense of responsibility towards the assigned job and addressing the problems of the people of area who had to wait for days as “Sahib” was out of station or was on “Sarkari Daura”.
After introducing bio-metric attendance in the offices, this order shall prove of immense help especially even official tours and visits must be followed with the report or tour note to lend credibility and seriousness to genuine tours and official visits. However, mobility, tours, surprise visits  and inspections are inseparable part of the duties of State officers and cannot be diluted in their importance but all must be in proper genuine order.