Sebi plans to strengthen market surveillance system; upgrades IT infra

NEW DELHI, Sept 5: Market regulator Sebi is planning to beef up its market surveillance system with the upgrade of its IT infrastructure.
The market watchdog undertakes its market surveillance functions through integrated market surveillance system (IMSS), which was put on use from 2013, and collects data for suspicious market activities through multiple sources, including its network systems at exchanges and depositories.
In this regard, Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) has invited applications from the interested companies for the upgrade of IT infrastructure of IMSS.
“The scope of the work comprises supply, installation, configuration, operationalisation and maintenance of IT infrastructure,” it added.
The system collects transaction and master data from exchanges and depositories on a daily basis to generate alerts for pre-defined market manipulation scenarios.
Also, it provides powerful data analysis and benchmarking tools, which are used in various policy decisions of Sebi.
Earlier in 2016, Sebi had strengthened its IMSS with additional resources for which it roped in an IT firm to provide qualified and experienced workforce. (PTI)