Science, technology in J&K

This has reference to the article ‘Science, technology and innovation’ by Zabeer Ahmed sometime back in this newspaper.
It is worthy enough to enlighten the public about gifts of science, technology and innovation, and conveys the message to be beneficiary of Government policies on the said subject on real time basis.
Amjed Mehmood


I appreciate the author and the step taken by him to aware the people regarding the current scenario of our state. It was well written and contained sound information. I think this article will act as a great motivator for many people who need a little extra push.
Personally as a Research Scholar, I highly appreciate the clearly written and thought-provoking article.
Tazeem Akram


From resolving to ‘foster, promote and sustain’ to the constitution of a Technology Group, India has indeed come a long way on the road to technological development. In the aforementioned artice, published in your newspaper, Scientist Zabeer Ahmed has done a commendable job by summarising India’s technological advancement and policies.
He has, in addition, very appreciably written about the potential science and tech resources in J&K which is quite impressive.
Tayyaba Ahmed,
Student, Govt College for Women,
Gandhi Nagar, Jammu