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Category:     International
Scholarship:    TAU, Israel Scholarship for Business Entrepreneurship 2018
Description:    Tel Aviv University Israel is offering Business Entrepreneurship schol            arship for one-month summer program to all college students from             India so that they can be a part of Start-Up Nation.
Eligibility:     The under-graduate applicant who has secured 80% in class 12 and             has English proficiency (TOEFL (550) or IELTS (6.5)) can apply for             this opportunity. The applicant needs to submit an essay on ‘Why you         wish to study on the particular program you chose?’
Prizes & Rewards:     Partial scholarship. Which includes well-furnished and renovated dor            mitory for housing, health insurance and additional on campus benefits.
Last Date to Apply:     May 18, 2018
Application:    Applications are accepted online only.
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Category:     International
Scholarship:     TAU, Israel Scholarship for Cyber Security Program 2018
Description:     Tel Aviv University Israel is inviting applications from smart students         who want to join the world of cyber warfare, security threats, internet         of things and cloud computing, also, an international conference                  named ‘Cyber Week’ to be held at the university.
Eligibility:    The applicant enrolled in under-graduation programme, with grade             point of minimum 80% or 3.0 GPA(out of 4 scale), area of study is             Computer Science, Engineering or related field or hold course back            ground. It is mandatory to have one prior course in programming lan            guage; Java, C.
Prizes & Rewards:     The scholar will get partial scholarship from Israeli Government, well-        furnished and renovated dormitory for housing adjacent to the uni            versity, health insurance and additional benefits on campus.
Last Date to Apply:    May 18, 2018
Application:     Applications can be made online only.
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Category:     National
Scholarship:     Dr. Devangana Desai Endowment Scholarships 2018-19
Description:     The call is made for postgraduates, Ph.D., post-doctoral and senior             researchers who are from the field of medieval, ancient and pre-mod            ern art, archaeology, history and culture of India.
Eligibility:     23-40 year old post-graduates are accepted for the junior scholarship         and for the senior scholarship, applicant must be a doctorate and a             professional with minimum experience of eight-year in the desired              area, of age above 40 years and have publications in record.
Prizes & Rewards:     INR 1.5L is offered under junior level scholarship and INR 2.5L for              senior level scholarship. The amount also includes travelling allowance.
Last Date to Apply:    May 18, 2018
Application:      Applications are invited via email at as             well through post: Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya,              159-161 Mahatma Gandhi Road, Fort, Mumbai – 400023
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