Save water bodies

Refer your letter, “Dying water bodies”: in DE May 14, 2019. Day in an day out the scientists and geologists warn and inform us about the imminent shortage of water even for drinking purposes due to abnormal weather conditions causing melting of glaciers. Not to talk of future even at present time there are so many places and areas in the country where the people face many hardships due to shortage of water and in some places people have to carry water on heads for miles together. It is really worrisome for not only the present generation but for the generations to come but at the same time we are fortunate enough in the respect of existence of water bodies at so many places. In old times, people used the water of the same water bodies for drinking and other uses but it used to be maintained in a scientific manner in order to save the water from getting polluted. But today the condition of the water bodies has deteriorated because of the apathy of the people, more so, by the stake holders and concerned departments. The Government, in particular, the local self Govt should get awakened from the deep slumber and start at once the work of preservation and repair of water bodies and shape them in their original position by taking necessary corrective measures. In Muthi and arounding areas such water bodies exist but they need to be maintained properly.
Dwarika Nath Raina
Upper Muthi