Cumbersome M Forms

Kindly refer to Avtar Bhat’s news item : ‘Cumbersome process…… Votes’, Daily Excelsior dated 20 May 2019, wherein a number of KP leaders have been quoted appealing, arguing, complaining to the authorities to do away with the rigmarole of M forms for a KP to cast his vote. I’m an old man. I’ve never voted throughout my life. Up to 1990 when I was in the Valley I was always on election duty. Now I’ve been living here for almost three decades. I tried to include my name in the Jammu voter list but the authorities refused to oblige me. My relatives, counterparts and friends who settled outside this unfortunate state are prominently in the voter lists of the city they are living in and they cast their votes there hassle free. Why should I be tied to Kashmir when I don’t live there? Yes, when I return to the Valley with ‘honour and dignity’ my name can be included again there. If we are included here it should have no side effect on the paltry sum of relief that a handful of KPs receive from the GOI. Powers at the helm of affairs should ponder over my suggestion.
PL Waguzari,
H No 4 Lane 3/ A,
Roopnagar Enclave,