Sanskrit Day

Refer news item ‘ Make Sanskrit mandatory for students from class 1st onwards’ DE Aug 10, 2019.
The suggestion put by Sham Sharma needs to be taken into consideration, as it would benefit the Sanskrit language immensely. This language has been given a short shrift by the Education Department in the State. Sanskrit being the mother of all native languages in India, it must be given proper care and preservation. In case efforts are not made to revive it, it would die a premature death. And it would be a great loss to the country. The Government must introduce it in all educational institutions of the State right from 1st onward.
Teaching the language for one or two classes won’t serve any purpose. It should be introduced from 1st to 12th classes with a set syllabus to achieve the objective. Various incentives and scholarship should be introduced to attract students towards this language.
Chand Raina