Salute to Corona warriors

The world is undergoing a severe change because of COVID 19 virus. For the past year, COVID 19 has taken the lives of many people across the world. Many people have lost their jobs and a lot of people have shunned their business. At this time of calamity, lots of people are working hard to make things normal. The doctors and allied staff deserve a special applause who are working day and night to safeguard the lives of the patients. A special thanks to the lady doctors who are leaving their families and going to ICU for their duties. Moreover, we shouldn’t be forgetting the scientists who had worked hard for the COVID 19 vaccine development.
On the other hand, the teachers who are teaching primary students or professors teaching in the university are learning the usage of online classes and with their sheer dedication teaching the students in a better way so that there will be no academic loss to the students. As the people are migrating from one state to another state, railways are doing a good job to help people to reach their respective destinations. In short, everyone is doing a good job in this time of calamity. Wearing masks and social distancing in COVID times does not mean that people have to shun their hearts. People should help each other in times of need and believe that This Too Shall Pass.
Dr. Anish Kumar
MH Road Udhampur