Erratic power supply in Roopnagar

There is erratic and irregular power supply in Roopnagar JDA Housing Colony Jammu since long. When a little wind blows or few drops of rain pours , power supply is gone for hours together. Same was the position five -six days back. Sometimes it happens at the day time and sometimes during night. No senior officer of Power Development Department attends the phone call whenever the residents of the area make a call to the senior officers . Only the foreman and lineman of the area whenever contacted , it came to listen that there is some fault and they are on the job. But they are not able to set right the fault /things promptly and permanently. It takes them hours and days together to restore the electricity in the colony. This erratic and irregular power supply is being made to the Roopnagar JDA Housing Colony since when the new system of installation of 25 kw transformers and laying of new cabble was evolved, with the result that, the people of the colony are feeling lot of difficulty despite paying huge bills of electricity charges to the department.
Therefore, the inhabitants of Roopnagar JDA Housing Colony make humble request to the Hon’ble LG , Advisor concerned, Chief Engineer PDD to issue necessary directions to the concerned XEN and AEE PDD to set right the things immediately before the start of summer season so that the people of the area may not feel any hardship during the peak of hot weather . Concerned department should ensure regular and un-interruted supply of electricity to the dwellers of the colony.
Uttam Deep Sharma
Chairman JDA Housing
Colony Roopnagar.