Saga of Kunju– Chanchalo

This refers to the news item ‘Blood and Beauty:Artistic presentation of Kunju-Chanchalo Saga'(DE, Feb4, 2014).It is heartening to read that  Natraj Natya Kunj presented  at the Abhinav Theatre, the Dogri adaptation of the Duggar’s folk love story Kunju -Chanchalo by Kumar A.Bharti, under the title ‘Blood and Beauty’.’The course of true love did never run smooth,’says Shakespeare.This is what happens in case of love story of Romeo-Juliet, Heer-Ranjha, Sassi-Punnu and in this popular love story.It is a powerful force of nature and an immortal connection between two people. ‘Love’ has been the favourite subject/topic of poets, playwrights ,short story writers and novelists since times immemorial and a number of films have been made on this sublime emotion.
A large number of songs and stories based on the theme of love have been written in various languages.Love is a powerful passion and the true lovers are not afraid of obstacles which come their way but unfortunately,many of them meet a tragic end  due to the pressure of society and other factors.Kunju-Chanchalo song  is a melodious and popular song based on the famous love story of Kunju-Chanchalo, in which Chanchalo desperately longs to meet Kunju.This song is quite popular in Himachal Pradesh and Duggar region of J&K.The effort of Natraj Natya Kunj in presenting the dramatised version of this highly popular love story, though in the adapted form, is a rich tribute to the two lovers, who meet a tragic end and immortalise their love.There is need to conduct research to find more such songs and tales, as also the tales of bravery, courage, compassion etc.which took place  in Duggar region in the times goneby and then present their dramatised versions on the stage to popularise these songs/tales and thus, popularise and enrich Dogra culture and aware the people about the glory and heroism of brave Dogras.
Yours etc….
Ashok Sharma