Safety in Salons

Shahnaz Husain
The Coronavirus pandemic has thrown the entire world out of gear. With the lockdown upon us, life had come to a standstill. In fact, we are dealing with a major global health crisis, as well as an economic crisis. Like all businesses, the Beauty & Wellness business was also negatively impacted. In fact, the negative effects were more pronounced where the beauty salon services are concerned. However, now beauty salons have opened and so has the Shahnaz Signature Salon, the Men’s Salon and other company owned salons. Before the opening, we knew that we have to adopt the “new normal” method of working and interacting with customers. This involved adopting rigid protocols and safety measures. We know that we have to instil trust and confidence in the customers and clients that safety measures are in place, so that they feel assured to resume salon treatments and services.
The beauty salon industry was keen to re-open, because the jobs of nearly a crore of professionals were at risk. And a majority of these are jobs are held by women. In salon treatments, touch is inevitable, for treatments like facials, massage, threading, waxing and so on. Therefore, business has had to re-open in a very controlled environment. A salon protocol, also based on strict Government guidelines and regulations, are being followed.
Hygiene is paramount. The premises are being fumigated and sanitized two or three times in the day, in-between treatments. Methods are being strictly followed, like washing of hands and use of hand sanitizers before and after massages, facials and other treatments.
The beauty therapists, hairstylists and all salon staff will be wearing masks, shields, PPE items and gloves. Disposable items are used, like cotton wool and tissues, instead of towels. Instruments and tools are being sterilized. We already follow a clinical system, where we use disposable items and sterilize instruments.
There is a protocol for clients and customers too, for their own safety and the safety of others. A system of appointments for treatments and the time is being observed strictly, so that social distancing is maintained and there is no crowding due to people awaiting their turn. Temperature screening will be done. They will also need to wear masks, use hand sanitizers and also carry the Aarogya Setu App on their phone, so that their safety status may be confirmed.
We are going through an unprecedented time. It is not yet known how long our “new normal” lifestyle will have to be followed. We all need to be patient and extra cautious to see whether the safety measures are being followed by ourselves and the people we come in contact with. We must all be patient and at the same time, we need to help the under underprivileged in any way we can.