Sadhotra asks youth to play dominant role in ensuring victory of coalition candidate

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Mar 23: Youth of the State is well known to the policies and programmes of the Coalition Government for the last five years and this is the result of secular thinking and pro-people approach of Coalition Government.
This was stated by Minister for Planning and Development, Labour and Employment, Ajay Sadhotra, while addressing series of meetings at Akalpur, Marh Bagh and Patniyal.
He assured that they will whole heartedly ensure the victory of coalition candidate from Jammu division.
Sadhotra further said that the credibility and the role of Opposition has been measurable and so far they have only exploited the situation only to score political points without least caring about the welfare of people.
He expressed the hope that the coalition candidate will emerge victorious with good margin as the hollow slogans of Opposition has time and again exposed before the people.
Sadhotra asked the youth to play their dominant role in ensuring the victory of coalition candidate so that the equitable growth development along with peace and prosperity to be maintained in the State.
Highlighting the achievements of the Government, he said that the Coalition Government has not left any stone unturned in addressing the grievances of people of State and from time to time have sort help from Central Government to have their demands addressed properly and timely.
He called upon the youth in general and people of State in particular not to waste their vote by getting carried away with the tentative, uttering of the political parties having no role in reaching to the people of State in distressed and pain.
Minister maintained that the performance of Coalition Government is itself testimony for the voters to give representation to the coalition candidates to serve properly at the Centre level.