Sacking of four UT employees with inimical antecedents


At the outset, claims of zero tolerance towards terrorism and secessionism and simultaneously engaging in Government employment close relatives of notorious terrorists lays bare the antagonism in the very approach to fight this scourge which has devastated people in hundreds of thousands and topsy turvey the well set equilibrium of peace, order, liberty and freedom . Agreed, the present dispensation in Jammu and Kashmir cannot precisely be held accountable as being responsible for such appointments but since the element of governance being a regular, consistent and never ending entity, governance as such must feel accountable for having pursued such a policy. The basic premise of employment in Government service is ”loyalty” towards the public / Government. What stems , therefore, from it is the respect and regard for the sovereignty , territorial integrity and independence of the country. It is quite unfortunate that high academicians like two Professors in the University of Kashmir are among the four employees sacked besides son of the HM Chief Syed Salahudin and the wife of Bita Karate a terrorist presently under Police custody. It needs to be underlined that a Government employee is drawing his or her salary from the public exchequer , therefore, is supposed to never ever work in any capacity that would be termed as being prejudicial to the interests , safety, security and integrity of the country. The question as to whether at the time of issuing appointment orders, proper enquiries by the Police/CID or whatever Government agencies were made to ascertain the genuineness of the antecedents of these four employees seems to have been ”condoned” or else how can a notorious terrorist like Bita Karate who himself admitted on camera having killed more than 34 innocent persons in Kashmir have his wife employed in Government service. Similarly, who does not know Syed Salahudin’s political ideology vis-a-vis his ambitions and plans of secessionism and waging war against the Union of India, can have his sons appointed at plum posts in Government service in Jammu and Kashmir. Terrorism is not fought only when it comes to repulsing a terror attack or engaging them in various security operations to get them live or otherwise but how their money channels were blocked. How their over ground support, shelter and providing logistics could be effectively checked, how any type of literature, material , publication etc that promoted hate and incited violence were confiscated, how recruitment drives and plans for replenishing their ”strength” were smashed, how any type of monetary help directly or indirectly reaching them or their families to sustaining militancy was not allowed. We are, however, always in favour of convincing their families about the futility of embarking upon such a dangerous path the result of which is only grief, sorrow and death. In fact, innumerable efforts have been made and still all efforts are advisable to be taken on regular basis to prevent one from taking to the gun rather he becoming the target of the gun later. Never, ever should , therefore, any close relative of a terrorist be given a Government job or any benefit from the public exchequer. On the other hand, a person fulfilling all the eligibility criteria and following the entire recruitment process in all respects following all clearance from the police intelligence / scrutiny etc getting a Government job after sometime getting ”motivated” towards working for the militants or becoming instrumental directly or indirectly in providing any help, information or whatever is liable to be treated in the same way as in the present case of the sacked four employees. However, in that case, fingers cannot be raised in respect of proper scrutiny not having been made at the time of initial posting since the ”tendencies” to breach the trust and the faith reposed in him by the system developed subsequently but when initially appointments are made despite being in know of all the antecedents of the candidate’s family background and links with and involvement in terrorist activities, it can be termed unfortunate. However, since the four employees are sacked now only after following due process of the law, it must send proper message to those in Government service that loyalty and absolute integrity were completely non-negotiable