Russia-Ukraine conflict

Russia’s war in Ukraine is continuing and the dark clouds of death and destruction are still hovering around not only in the Eurasia region but may engulf other countries of Europe and Asia as well.
Ukraine which was part of USSR till 1991 and belonged to the same culture/linguistic stock, got enticed by the NATO and the west and the Governments at Kiev started thinking themselves as part of Western Alliance. This enraged Russia as it thought that this move of the west may militarize Ukraine to its detriment and NATO missiles and other arms and ammunition may be stationed on its backdoors and result will be the revival of cold war. The biggest sufferers in this war have been the innocent people of Ukraine who have been forced to pay dearly for the follies of their leaders and western powers. Government buildings, military installations and civilian villages alike have been heavily pounded by the Russian Airstrikes, artillery and resulting in, besides military, loss of unarmed civilian lives and destruction of infrastructure on an unprecedented scale. More than two million Ukrainian people mostly women, children and elderly have fled the country. By distributing arms and ammunition to the insurgents who are accountable to nobody, the NATO and the west are fuelling insurgency and lawlessness. This may prolong the war and the resultant destruction and turn Ukraine into another Syria, Yaman or Afganistan.
By its clout India can play a conciliatory, constructive and mediatory role to end the conflict. The respect India has gained in the region can be gauged from the fact that it was successful in evacuating not only its citizens and students but students of many other countries including Pakistan who reached western borders by displaying the Indian Tricolor. And the efforts under “Operation Ganga” are underway on a war scale to rescue and evacuate the left out persons who have been stuck in the war ravaged country.
Hope the good sense prevails and peace is restored. Russia should forthwith stop all its military operations in Ukraine and Ukraine Government should address the Russian concerns so that the threat of the war escalating to other areas of world which is looming large is nipped in the bud.
Vinod Bhan