RTI hasn’t gone

Refer to article titled “RTI hasn’t gone with 370” (DE 6-1-2020)
As a son of soil, it gives me lot of pain to know that how government officials are behaving with unemployed educated youth of J&K especially while disposing of RTI applications post Article 370 Abrogation, my sympathies are with Mr. Ajay kumar, the aggrieved from a remote village of Rajouri who has been denied information under RTI act by the officials of JK PSC. Under the garb of 370 Abbrogation majority of government officials especially the designated PIOs keep misleading people by telling them JK RTI act 2009 has also been Abbrogated along with Article 370. The irony is that these officials do not educate people that after 370 Abrogated central RTI act 2005 has been put into place. I appeal LG GC Murmu to issue an advisory to all the deputy commissioners and other head of departments in this regard. The erring officials of JK PSC should be taken to task for misleading unemployment educated youth like ajaykumar.
Dr. Mohammed Mushtaq
Nagpur, Maharashtra