Rotation of staff – indispensible requirement

One of the top measures to keep corrupt and irregular practices in government departments at bay and to fight monopolistic type of occupying ”tables” over years in a row is to keep staff members mobile and keep their duties rotating . There were sensitive posts and less sensitive posts which for internal classification and identifying may be done but the message needed to be sent around that no post was less sensitive and hence every post carried its quantum of responsibilities and obligations. What we are given to understand is that majority of government departments in Jammu and Kashmir are found in inertial mode as they appear to be exhibiting heedlessness to the directives of the Chief Secretary as also those of the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) in the process of ensuring proper rotation of staff at regular intervals.
Why should any government official overstay at a particular post and why the HoDs or the Administrative Secretaries under whose control such officials administratively are, should appear either reluctant in shifting officials at regular intervals or look conspicuous by their apparent implicitness in allowing such overstaying of the concerned officials. This is so in respect of rotation from ‘sensitive’ to ‘non-sensitive’ posts and vice-versa. Generating undesirable influence, indispensability, arrogance besides developing a culture of poor performance were the offshoots of such an ineffective policy on rotation and mobility of staff members. Motives could be attributed to the Administrative Secretaries and HoDs of such departments where the stagnant system was not allowed to flow as required. Let more time be not wasted in preliminaries like forming committees , holding meetings and the like but direct and immediate action was required. We shall keep monitoring the developments .