Rooftop Solar Scheme

Any scheme launched by the Government for Social Welfare and core infrastructural development , besides benefitting the targeted groups , if having element of generating employment opportunities also, must be implemented with all the gusto and speed. Popularising solar power which is environmental friendly , renewable and low cost energy and jobs provider , could in the near future address most of our energy needs especially looking to huge potential this country has in that field. It is , however, heartening to note that in the UT of Jammu and Kashmir , the process of installation of solar power mini plants is to begin shortly and to start with , under the ”Solar City Mission” in Jammu city 200 MW of grid-tied rooftop solar power plants is to be installed as the Government having recently accorded approval to the much promising scheme was also going to provide jobs to more than 8000 people. Under the ambitious project, phase-wise electrification shall result in meeting fully electricity needs of the city from the solar energy and to start with as many as 50000 residential buildings in the city of Jammu shall be covered under the solar electrification programme. A new experiment with hopes of uninterrupted power supply must start sooner than any later. The project is to cost a whopping amount of Rs.1040 crore . Subsidy sustainable project of this type has 40 percent share component from the centre and 25 per cent from the state/ UT , the beneficiaries getting the subsidy through DBT mode. Free maintenance for 5 years from the date of installation makes this project highly consumer friendly. This type of renewable cheap and low maintenance costing energy , however, has a life span of up to 25 years and installation process of which shall be fully completed by 2024. This energy mode shall not only address the ever increasing gap between demand for and supply of power but reduce the losses in inter-state transmission of conventional power hence going to write a new chapter in the energy needs with no carbon emissions and thus helping to address environment pollution issues. The need is to popularise and familiarise it by launching awareness campaign across the UT