Role of nurses, midwives

I am highly elated to read the article Roles of nurses, midwives in Daily Excelsior on the 7th of April. It was a day to acknowledge the role played by nurses and midwives .The day is designated as the World Health Day and there is no doubt about the role played by nurses in helping us to see this world.Any appreciation towards them is too insignificant compared to the duty they perform against all odds in extraordinary conditions.They are real life givers and savers.I agree with the esteemed author’s view that the policy makers need to take their views in consideration while formulating any policy in their profession. They have first hand knowledge and direct interaction with expecting mothers and ailing patients in community medicine.
In view of present Covid19 pandemic which has engulfed the entire world including our J&K, we need to improve our Health System by utilzing services of Retd Docs to augument existing Health workers and infrastructure which is not up to mark otherwise also. After analysing the magnitude of this dreadful Virus spread, I am of this opinion, that we may utilize the available unemployed idle trained doctors in Physiotherapy, Dentistry, Ayush, Unani and other clincal subject trained who have medical background to reinforce the force of medical fraternity as Corona warriors to attend basic treatment by providing them a capsule course to update them to see we use our resources in best possible manner till the present crises is over.I wish this day of remembering our Medical warriors who are on frontline to combat at cost of their lives.Long live their resolve to get rid of this deadly virus and again make us to lead a routine life.
Yoginder Kaul,
6/5 Bawani Nagar,
Talab Tiloo, Jammu, J&K