Performance audit of ULBs

This refers to your editorial ‘Performance audit of Urban Local Bodies’ (DE 6.04.2020). The order in this regard was passed in October 2018 by National Green Tribunal (NGT). Door-to-door garbage collection and its segregation at source was the main agenda of this pan India audit on the performance of urban local bodies (ULBs). The audit was part of comprehensive measures to bring in positive and efficient parameters to handle municipal solid waste and other wastes by December 31, 2019.
The principal bench of NGT had directed the Union Ministry of Housing and Urban affairs (MoHUA) to carry out performance audit in the initial stage for 500 Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) with a population of one lakh and above. The audit was to ensure adherence to the Compliance of Municipal Solid Waste Management Rules, 2016. Till date people are unaware what kind of performance audit was conducted in J&K and what report was submitted in this regard by J&K Housing & Urban Development Department (HUDD) ? The performance audit would be very much discouraging as not even a single ULB undertakes door to door garbage collection in segregated manner in J&K.
In Budgam town the work on scientific waste management was underatken in 2017 on no gain no losses by a reputed NGO from Indore. The organisation was charging mere Rs 75,000 from local municipality for collection and segregation of waste in 5 wards. This work was discontinued after 1 year as Directorate of ULB Kashmir could not afford to spend even Rs 1 lakh or more per month for extending this work in 11 wards. I will be submitting a detailed report to NGT in this regard soon so that they seek a response from Govt in this regard.
Dr Raja Muzaffar Bhat