Road safety awareness

Every day we hear about the road accidents, which have become more common. These accidents happen, due to our ignorance, overconfidence, lack of concentration. The number of deaths is increasing day by day due to motor vehicle collisions/accidents. This has become a worldwide agony and every country is trying to reduce the accident deaths. You will be astonished to know that in the world around 13.5 lac deaths occur annually due to road accidents and around 3-5 crore get injured or handicapped in a year. In India more than 1.5 lac deaths occur due to road accidents in a year means 478 in a day and around 4.75 lac get injured or seriously injured or handicapped that means 1290 injuries in a day i.e one injured per minute.
How to stop it and who is responsible for these accidents is a question mark? Primarily, I believe that it a responsibility of every citizen of our country to come forward and play a role whether individually or collectively to propagate for the road safety measures. This is the first and foremost duty to make the public aware about the road safety measures, so that road accidents can be reduced.
Ravinder Kumar Bhat
Chairman & Founder Team RSC