Revival of militancy in Rajouri and Poonch

In a desperate and in a wretched bid to paint the whole of Jammu and Kashmir as ”disturbed”, Pakistan has been employing all possible means to revive militancy in the twin sensitive border districts of Jammu region- Rajouri and Poonch. However, by employing its usual traits and designs based on hate and falsehood by Pakistan , sporadic attacks on soft targets during the last two years in some hilly areas of Jammu having been engineered particularly last month in the heart of the Rajouri town killing a two year child besides injuring family members in a grenade attack , threat of militancy has started looming large in Jammu Region .
Now some groups of armed militants having intruded in Rajouri districts to spread violence and indulge in related militant activities resulting in as many as five encounters so far with the security forces, pose new challenges and threats to peace and normal routine activities of the people in this otherwise peaceful region. From no angle whatsoever, terror threat particularly from militants belonging to Laskkar-e-Toiba (LeT), Hizubul Mujahideen and other terror outfits can be taken lightly which demands not only constant vigil particularly during night hours but pooling all resources to find out the sources of the over ground support to these militants which needs to be treated at equal footing as that of dealing with these militants.
It is particularly so because last two months bear testimony to the fact that not only revival but a spurt in militancy has been observed in these two districts resulting into series of encounters in the Rajouri district itself which claimed nine militants and three of our brave hearts getting martyred in these encounters numbering quite a few. For the first time, sticky bombs having been recovered from the slain militants points towards the satanic designs of the forces from across the border to create large scale disturbances in the twin districts . Hawala money that too, in substantial measure, which is the source of funding of these nefarious and evil acts of violence, though checked to a larger extent by the actions of the Government , however, still continues to be pumped into these acts against humanity as is evident from several lakh of Rupees of such illegal money having been recovered recently from the militants. This source of funding terror still needing to be completely made ineffective and blocked from all sides.
Again, recently some militants having been not only seen but intercepted too by the vigilant security forces in village Doorimal in Rajouri district quite adjacent to the Line of Control (LoC) shows the naked complicity of Pakistan in revival of militancy in Rajouri and Poonch districts . These millitants usually sneak into this side of the border after getting all support including arms and training from across the border and thereafter manage to hide in thick forest areas with intention to ambushing and attacking patrolling parties of the security forces . It hardly needs any evidence even on International basis as to how Pakistan continued to keep militancy , violence and disturbances going on in Jammu and Kashmir and managing by employing all means, to have its trained men intruded into this side whereupon most of such intrusions are effectively foiled by our security forces. However, going by the state policy of Pakistan , infiltrations will keep on taking place, drone intrusions too will not stop and other means too continued to keeping the pot of militancy simmering by that country which all needs continued, concerted and effective response even a proactive approach from this side to root out the rot never ever to venture again to raise its head.