National Judicial Infrastructure Corporation

It is really astonishing that courts at many places across the country should function from old and dilapidated structures and not from premises and ambience befitting the very nature of the functioning of the courts where besides judicial officers, other staff members, lawyers and litigants frequent throughout the day . Not only does such absence of good premises and basic facilities affecting the working of courts operating from such buildings but depicting Government’s inadequate attention and preference towards this vital aspect of housing of courts . It is reported that there are numerous buildings existing from where courts operate and are in the same condition as left by the British in 1947.
The scenario, therefore, not only requires a proper resolution of the problem of providing better, safe and basic facilities oriented premises for courts currently operating from old, unsafe and even dilapidated buildings but setting up of a National Judicial Infrastructure Corporation (NJIC) to take care of exclusively dealing with providing the requisite judicial infrastructure in the country. How it could be set up , what about the design , the engineering and architecture related support base and miscellaneous allied functions of building judicial infrastructure and assets could be finalised by an experts committee or a team constituted by the Government in consultation with the Apex Court, as the Chief Justice of India has proposed for setting up of the NJIC to address exclusively the problem of court buildings and the basic facilities in them in the country.